• APG-815-DS Picture #3

    APG offers enhanced ability to measure rain and snow with advanced algorithms to automatically determine the precipitation type, rate, and water equivalent accumulation. The APG is vastly superior to traditional type sensors and offers the reliability and proven performance you need!

  • OWI-430-DS Picture #1

    Measures visibility and detects and quantifies rain, snow, drizzle, freezing and mixed precipitation conditions. Our basic OWI featuring the adaptive algorithm software, DSP-based analysis, sturdy performance, and accuracy our customers have come to expect as the norm.

  • HIP-100 Image #1

    An add-on to OWI systems for colder climates. The HIP-100 sensor measures the micro-impacts acoustically. The resulting information is included in the OWI data output.

  • OWI-650-DS Picture #1

    The basic OWI design made smaller, with lower power requirements. Originally designed for military use requiring portability and quick setup, it now forms the core of our LPAWOS system. It can be powered by battery, solar panel, or conventional AC

  • ORG-815 Picture #2

    Our original rain/precipitation sensor also benefits from our later design enhancements, providing the user with minute-by minute precipitation rate and accumulation data.