• AWOS-AV Photo #3

    The OSI AWOS AV™ system is a fully automated aviation weather observing and reporting system designed to support airborne and ground users. This FAA-certfied AWOS is equipped with dual-pressure sensors and visibility sensors for determining official altimeter settings, visibility, and reporting via FCC-licensed UHF data radio, Internet, land line or cell phones

  • HazMET 100

    Designed to be used in the event of a hazardous chemical release or other environmental emergency. With EPA’s ALOHA dispersion modeling program, HazMet-100 can be deployed and transmitting data within minutes. With optional LP-WIVIS it can be easily transformed into a portable weather station..

  • AWS-432 MAWOS Photo

    OSi’s AWS-432 MAWOS® is an advanced / best-value Modular Automated Weather Observing System built around the OWI-432 present weather / visibility sensor. The AWS-432 MAWOS® is designed for aviation applications and continuous weather reporting. The system is flexible, robust, easily installed, and extremely reliable. OSI has fielded weather sensors in every environment on the globe.

  • OWI-431.jpg

    Long a world leader in optical meteorological sensors OSI now provides automated weather stations (AWS) built around the OWI-431 DSP WIVIS and OWI-651 Low Power WIVIS. Select the OWI-431 based system for permanent AC powered stations. Select the OWI-651 for battery powered or solar applications. In either case, you get an advanced Weather Identifier and Visibility Sensor (WIVIS) with other sensors of your choice. These optional sensors include wind, temperature/humidity, road surface conditions, barometric pressure, and other.