The HazMET100 Portable AWS is an advanced, Portable Automated Weather Station built around the 2100-138 Multi-parameter Meteorological Sensor.   The low power requirements of the HazMET100 AWS make it well suited for portable battery and solar powered applications. The system has been designed from the ground up for fast setup anywhere. 

he compact 2100-138 sensor incorporates built-in GPS and electronic compass and measures /  reports wind speed, wind direction (self-aligning to North, orientation of wind sensor to north is not required), temperature, relative humidity, and barometric pressure.   Dew point is calculated.

The fully automated HazMET100 AWS provides accurate wind, temperature, relative humidity, dew point, and barometric pressure.  The tripod, tripod carrying bag, and Pelican hard case are included.  The wheeled hard case houses the 2100-138, battery / interface enclosure and all accessories and optional items for easy storage and transportation.

System set up may be done in less than 5 minutes and does not require any tools. 



  • Easy installation
  • Portable system which reports wind, temperature, RH, barometric pressure and more.
  • Optional OWI-650 is easily added (present weather / precipitation / visibility sensor)
  • EPA Cameo/Aloha Data Format standard
  • Built in electronic compass eliminates need to align wind sensor North.
  • Battery or AC Powered; Solar power options available
  • Small size, light weight, rugged design, & easily deployed in under five minutes.
  • Spread radio included
  • Design for unattended operation
  • Virtually no maintenance required
  • Built-in self-diagnostics & testing 

Ordering Information

Ordering Information


HazMET100 Ordering Information:

Model No: HazMET100 (Specify Metric or ANSI units); includes 2100-138; 10 AH battery, battery/interface enclosure; spread spectrum RF modem; tripod; tripod carrying bag; and hard case for 2100-138, battery/interface enclosure and accessories / options 

Consult factory for HazMET100 Accessories including:

  • OWI-650 Optical Weather Identifier and Visibility Sensor Option
  • 20W Solar Panel Option  


Wind Sensor

N/A Ultrasonic

Wind Speed Threshold (Wind Sensor)

N/A 0.02 mph

Wind Speed Range (Wind Sensor)

N/A 0 - 90 mph

Wind Speed Resolution (Wind Sensor)

N/A 0.2 mph

Wind Direction Threshold (Wind Sensor)

N/A 0.02 mph

Wind Direction Range (Wind Sensor)

N/A 0 - 360 degrees

Wind Direction Resolution (Wind Sensor)

N/A 0.1 degrees


N/A Solid State

Accuracy (Temperature)

N/A 0.6 F

Range (Temperature)

N/A -40 to 131 F

Resolution (Temperature)

N/A 0.1 F

Wind Speed Resolution (Temperature)

N/A 0.2 mph

Wind Direction Threshold (Temperature)

N/A 0.02 mph

Wind Direction Range (Temperature)

N/A 0 - 360 degrees

Wind Direction Resolution (Temperature)

N/A 0.1 degrees

Relative Humidity

N/A Capacitive

Accuracy (Relative Humidity)

N/A + 4% 10-95%

Resolution (Relative Humidity)

N/A 1%

Barometric Pressure

N/A Solid State

Accuracy (Barometric Pressure)

N/A +0.03 inHg

Full Range (Barometric Pressure)

N/A 8.86 -32.5 inHg

Resolution (Barometric Pressure)

N/A 0.003 inHg

GPS Accuracy

N/A 3 Meters

Solid State Compass

N/A 1 degree static

Power Requirement

N/A 9 to 40 VDC <90ma@12VDC

Operational Temperature

N/A -40 -131 F

Electronic Enclosure


N/A USB 38400 baud

Size and Weight

N/A 10" x 8"x6" Aluminum. 12 Lbs with 12 AH battery

Operational Time

N/A 4 days plus

Weather Display


Aloha compatible serial data

N/A 902-928MHz Spread Spectrum RF modem *Up to 28 mile range w/High gain Antenna


N/A 12 Ah GEL battery *Optional Solar Panel

WeatherCaster Software


N/A Windows 7/8/Vista/XP

Display Windows

N/A User Configurable


Load Capacity

N/A 150 Lbs

Extended Height

N/A 9'2"


N/A 10.2 Lbs

Base Diameter

N/A 47"

Additional Features

N/A Leveling leg for uneven ground setup; Tool less easy setup and dismantle;