Long a world leader in optical meteorological sensors OSI now provides automated weather stations (AWS) built around the OWI-431 DSP WIVIS and OWI-651 Low Power WIVIS.  Select the OWI-431 based system for permanent AC powered stations.  Select the OWI-651 for battery powered or solar applications.  In either case, you get an advanced Weather Identifier and Visibility Sensor (WIVIS) with other sensors of your choice.  These optional sensors include wind, temperature/humidity, road surface conditions, barometric pressure, and other.

The extra IO capability of the WIVIS (serial, analog channels) means no separate data acquisition system is required.  The WIVIS is the acquisition system.  The result is a powerful weather station minus the cost and installation complication of a separate data logger or data acquisition system.

Designing a weather station can be a daunting task.  We have been in the weather sensor and system business for over 25 years.  Lets us help you configure and design your professional weather system.

For more information email or call the AWS experts at OSi.



  • Easy installation
  • Permanent or portable weather stations
  • Intelligent algorithms based on over 200 million hours of OSi sensor field data
  • Solar, Battery or AC Powered
  • Other sensors easily added
  • Data radio options available
  • Separate data acquisition system not required
  • Design for unattended operation
  • Built-in self diagnostics & testing 

Ordering Information

Ordering Information

  • OWI-431-DS Order for AC powered systems
  • OWI-651-DS Order for battery or solar powered systems

OSi AWS are turn-key solutions tailored to your specifications. Contact our AWS experts to configure a system which exactly meets your needs. Options include AC or solar power; data radios; towers and portable tripods; optional sensors; and display and archive software. 

Optional Sensors

Optional Sensors


Sensor 2100-Wind Observer II

The 2100-WindObserver II is a high performance 2-axis, ultrasonic wind sensor. It is ideal for meteorological applications requiring robust, highly accurate, and reliable wind measurement. Unlike traditional mechanical wind sensors there are no bearings or other moving mechanical parts which require periodic replacement

Wind Sensor 2100-130

The 2100-130 is designed to operate within a temperature range of -30° to +70° C and with wind speeds up to 167 mph (75 m/s). The 2100-130 is ideal for applications where a rugged, low threshold cup and van type sensor is required. Aluminum cups are used for durability and strength.

Multi-Sensor 2100-MetPak II

The 2100-MetPak II is a compact and lightweight multi-sensor instrument that measures a wide range of weather parameters. Ultrasonic sensors measure wind speed and direction. Temperature and humidity are measured using industry standard probes housed in a naturally aspirated radiation shield. Barometric pressure is measured within a vented enclosure.

Temperature/RH Probe 2100-110-01

The Model 2100-110-01 temperature humidity probe offers high accuracy and is designed for meteorological applications. The probe has separate 0 - 1 VDC linear outputs for temperature and humidity.

Best Value Pressure Sensor 2100-101-01

The Model 2100-101-01 is a low cost, accurate, and stable barometric pressure sensor. The glass fused ceramic capacitive sensing capsule features inherent thermal stability, and low hysteresis.

High Accuracy Pressure Sensor 2100-101-02

The Model 2100-101-2 barometric pressure sensor is designed for use in meteorological applications that require excellent accuracy, fast dynamic response, and long-term stability and reliability.