HIP-100 is an acoustic sensor developed as an add-on option to the OWI-series Weather Sensors, giving an even greater range of weather data collection. It is difficult to discriminate a solid ice particle from a water droplet using optical techniques alone. When an ice particle hits a metal surface, the noise caused by the impact is clearly distinguishable from the impact of a water droplet. Based on this effect, We have developed and patented an acoustic technology to detect the ice pellets and hail stones: HIP-100. Combining the optical and acoustic signal, reliable detection and discrimination of ice particles can be achieved. No other present weather sensor can distinguish hail and ice pellets as well as the OWI sensor with the HIP-100.



  • An add-on option to OSI’s OWI series Weather Sensors
  • Compatible with LPAWOS an MAWOS systems
  • Patented Acoustic Technology
  • Easy to install
  • Low - maintenance
  • Rugged all-weather construction 
  • Interior heater prevents snow/ice accumulation


Measurement Technique

N/A Acoustic

Power Requirements (Electronics)

N/A 12V (Power for electronics is supplied by the OWI sensor)

Power Requirements (Heater)

N/A 110/220 VAC, 100 VA (Separate AC line required)

Transient Protection

N/A All power & signal lines fully protected

Signal Output

N/A RS-232 ASCII, simple polled protocol (output integrated into OWI output data)


N/A -40° to 160° F (-40° to 60° C)


N/A 0 to 100%, Condensing

Precipitation / Dust

N/A NEMA 4 type protection